Tokyo Streets in 35mm

Ep. 7 🇯🇵 IMAGO 320

My favorite film has been discontinued! Some say it was a rebranded or repurposed stock, but I haven’t found absolute confirmation of what it was/is. Regardless, IMAGO 320 was a delight to shoot.

Here’s a link to the company and film that produced this.


Here’s the starting point of my photowalk.


And here’s my general destination.

Check out my Instagram which is dedicated to shooting film here in Tokyo.

Tokyo Streets in 35mm

Ep. 5 🇯🇵 Lomography Lady Grey

36 frames of Lomography Lady Grey on the Tokyo streets. Lady Grey is a low contrast, medium grain film that was fun to shoot, mostly because I didn’t know how it was going to turn out. I often see this in a 3-pack, but my local shop was selling single rolls, so I picked one up.

After a bit of research, I found that this film is a rebranded Fomapan 400. Interestingly enough, I”ve found the Fomapan to be much cheaper. Regardless, Lady Grey was a fun stock to shoot. I don’t think I’ll be taking her out again anytime soon, though.

Tokyo Streets in 35mm

Ep. 2 🇯🇵 Kentmere PAN400

A short video on how the Kentmere PAN400 turned out for me. Most of these shots are on a sunny day, with a few in the late evening. I pushed those night shots to ISO800 and used the same processing time as the regular 400. I’m stoked on the results.

Check out my Instagram which is dedicated to shooting film here in Tokyo.

Tokyo Streets in 35mm

Ep. 6 🇯🇵 Ilford DELTA 400

24 frames of Ilford’s DELTA 400 on the Tokyo streets. I didn’t do any research before shooting this film, so I expected certain qualities from it. I was a little off on my predictions, but no matter. I found a few favorite landmarks and proceeded to capture what I think do this film justice. I wanted buildings with lots of reflections, some with intense shadows, people on the sunny streets, and moments of cloudless skies so you can see what this film can do.

As stated in the video, I don’t do too many intense edits, but maybe slight dodge and burn here and there. I’m using Partial Metering on this stock, so an overall in-camera adjustment was automatically made to the surrounding areas which I was focusing.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it! Info on Delta 400 here:

Tokyo Streets in 35mm

Ep. 4 🇯🇵 Ilford XP2 Super

I think Ilford XP2 Super is my favorite film grade at the moment, and I’ve found many rolls of soon-to-be expired rolls which I’m shooting now. The roll featured here is from my Canon 500n, which is a consumer-grade camera and is very inexpensive. So if you’re looking to buy an easy-to-use camera as a gateway to film, check it out.

I’ve purchased a Canon EOS 1N, which is a pro-level film camera (or at least was) and is treating me well, so expect a couple videos featuring that rig and film shot with it.

Tokyo Streets in 35mm

Ep. 1 🇯🇵 Shinjuku

After a couple decades, I'm back shooting 35mm. Tokyo is the perfect place to experiment with different cameras and film, and today I'm shooting with my Canon 500n. It's cheap & light and that's exactly why I bought it. I love my rangefinders (as you saw on the first part of the video) but I like the autofocus on this little rig. There are tons of options for lenses, too. Some of the EF glass is pretty darn good.

I'll be creating a video series about my adventures around Tokyo with film and I hope you enjoy this first episode. Thanks for stopping by!