Tokyo Subway Exit - 35mm Film

Tokyo Subway Exit - 35mm Film

2021 Monochrome Photography Awards - Street Photography Honorable Mention


There's something cool about finding that perfect shot (and there are so many lost instances here in Tokyo) but I'm happy I found this one. The timing couldn't have been better and I really like how the lens made that sparkle on the rail look like a tiny spotlight. 


Tokyo subway exit A13 at Hibiya Station during a sunny midday commute. Captured on 35mm film.


This 13"x19" aluminum print has a float mount hanger attached to the back, leaving the art 1/2-inch off the wall when hung.


It has a satin finish, which is smooth, very even and soft appearance with minimal glare.


This will take about a week to arrive at your home in the USA. For my friends living outside the USA, please contact me about tax and shipping.