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Your vacation photos don't have to suck. 📷 😎

OK, you don't have to edit the hell out of your photos, but content is king and a story is super helpful when sharing to your Instagram, website, FB post or similar.

I like to capture "sets" of images. Maybe there's an angle or two that shows the area well and tight shots sometimes capture textures that might be hard to see. However cliché some people think The Rule of Thirds is (Let's call it RoT here.), it's a genuine practice that can help unsuck your photos. Let's take a gander at what I have here.

The first photo on the left uses the Rule of Thirds really well and has fun with the depth of field. It's all about context as well. Where are the lockers? How old are they? Wait, was it raining? I sum up the triplet of images with a wide shot to show context. Also, I really didn't edit these photos very much. I bumped up the vibrance for the most part.

Here's another group of shots that can show you how to tell your story more effectively. You parked the car, set out to see what's down the path, see a cool island formation in the distance and you start shooting away. Sounds epic! I want to be there!

Here's what I did. The first image takes on the RoT in a way that shows the path on the left, breaks the horizon and sea wall near the middle, and the island in the background is on the right-hand third for the most part.

You walk to the sea wall, take shots, see the concrete structures, show where they live in the setting, and then you sit there and take in nature. Super simple. Super quick.

Again, no crazy edits, because I feel that most folks out there don't take a ton of time to sit at a computer, adjust the Dehaze, bring down the Highlights, add Vignette and upload to their server, etc. However, I did adjust the shadows a bit on these. It was pretty dark under the awnings.

So, first I have the tight shot that is really suggestive, then a wider shot the shows the lantern that had the moss and sprout as you see from the left image. I felt that I needed the doors to be shown as well. Looking back, a super wide shot may have been better, but you get the point of this set, I'm sure.

Your vacation photos don't have to suck and they don't necessarily need to win any awards. Just tell a nice story and leave any cliché you may have heard at home.

What's coming up? A small review on my favorite camera and lenses for travel. Stay tuned! 📷

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