Sunny 16? Nah. Sunny 3.5 and ND Filter.

There are so many "rules" out there. I do live by many of them, but I try not to let them get in the way of crafting a better image (and just having fun). Sure, I'm constantly thinking about the Rule of Thirds (and it's totally engrained in my brain), but I wanted to see if the "Sunny 16" rule could be thrown out the window. Yep. No problem. 

It was SUPER bright out, so I attached my variable ND filter and had a go. And to tell you the truth, I don't remember how much I dialed that filter in. The first image of the white daruma is unedited. No tweaks. Nothing. I love how it turned out, and when I zoom in, it's totally clear and I like how I can see dust, sand and bits of grime. What the ND filter did was take all the midtones and shadows and scale them back in a manner that really worked. You can see a bit of gray on the white daruma doll, but it's not significant enough to make me throw it away.

The image of the lady holding the brooch was a bit more difficult, but I knew the highlights needed to be brought down all the way. The kokeshi dollsneeded work, too. I wanted the shadows to be darker and the midtones richened up. Minor edits on those, but as you can see, the RAW file format really works. Definitely try that if you're going to edit your photos. A lot of people shoot, WiFi JPG files to their phone, edit on the go, upload to social media, etc., but if you can wait until you get home, you'll be able to make more meaningful edits, in my opinion. 😉📷👍