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Summer in the City

Shimokitazawa Awaodori festival was a highlight of my year. Of course when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, that's amazing, but there's something about being in the thick of a matsuri that makes a beautifully indelible mark on one's soul. The drums, the chants, the dancing, and the history, all comes together at times like these.

When I'm out shooting "street", I prefer my 20mm 1.7. It's my "turbo twenty". For this event, I knew I needed to catch things just a tad closer, so I used my Leica-branded 25mm 1.4. That's thee lens for night shots. The aperture is magnificent and allows for a lot more light to enter the lens, but it's somewhat unforgiving when it comes to capturing fast-moving subjects. Ideally, f5.6+ is the way to go, because one's chances of capturing your subject matter are greater. Regardless, all of these shots are f1.4 and, for the most part, 1/250. ISO ranged from 800 to 2500. The lighting ran the gamut up and down the streets, so I adjusted with ISO instead of anything else. It's important to know, if you want to capture action shots, shooting with a fast shutter speed will help decrease blur (if that's what you're looking for).

Here are a few images from the night out. You should have been there. It was culturally and sonically impressive.