• Jason Garcia

Snow in Tokyo

On January 6th, 2022, it snowed in Tokyo. This isn't an abnormal thing, it just doesn't happen every year, so when I can get out and do some photography work in the white fluffy stuff, I'm going to try and create some of my best work.

I set out with two cameras, the Panasonic G9 with the Leica-branded 15mm f1.7 lens, and the Canon EOS-1n 35mm film camera with the 28–135mm f3.5 lens. They both got a little wet, since the snow melted very quickly on them, but they are water resistant and can take the hit. I didn't shoot that much, but what I did capture, I really like.

It was getting a bit dark, so I only took a dozen photos and most turned out quite nice.

I wanted to post this before the thought of snow is gone in most of Japan for the year. This photos bring back some great memories of that day.