Simple Edits - RAW file format

I used to shoot in JPG file format for years, but as I think back on that, I edited the heck out of those photos anyway. I'd have to save originals, and all sorts of stuff, that didn't make my life easier. PLUS, all those edits degrade the file every time you save it. JPGs are great, when you're using your phone. If you are going to have any edits to your photos that you've shot with your camera, I recommend shooting in RAW file format. I shoot nothing other than that now. It's not because I'm being nitpicky, it's because I don't have to worry about reverting to the original or compromising the quality of the file.

For this photo, I needed to make simple edits. I wanted to brighten up the shadows, add some texture, and adjust the overall color (make it a bit warmer).

The first image is Photoshop's Camera Raw and you'll see I haven't made any adjustments. You can go in, edit the Shadows, Exposure, etc.. Not a big deal make those changes, and what's nice is that I can go back to my RAW file and revert to -0- edits and start over.