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PT. 2 - Content is King, Queen, and everything in between.

I've been able to get out a bit more the past few weeks and discover new parts of Japan that I've never seen. This place is filled with so much history and there's often a great story that coincides with it all.

I suppose the alleys of Marunouchi don't have too much history as of late, but I'm sure a hundred years ago, they took on a whole different character. I'm often challenged by the vast amounts of distractions in Tokyo and sometimes it's hard to figuratively focus on the setting at hand. Today was a bit different. I was able to capture some images that will hopefully teach you a bit of what I see behind the lens.

Top left: I saw the composition of this whole image really quickly. Everything is made possible by the angle of the light up top, and it drives one's eye down to the ground with the aid of the concrete structure with the stripes. Point A to point B.

Top right: There's a path. Where does it go? Use light, curves of paths, railings, anything like that to make one's eye go to a certain destination.

Bottom left: All angles point to the center. I divided this setting into thirds.

Bottom right: Where does the path go? Does the gate mean it's off limits? Should I see what's back there? Create a story.

There's something else. When creating a layout on your website, your magazine, or anything for that matter, have the photo elements point in a certain direction. These all point inward (for the most part). Even the bottom right photo has more brightness on the left side and the bottom right photo has the gate on the right, closing the photo story.

I hope that you can see how the elements work together. After a while, you'll see that as well.

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