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Kanno Coffee - Tokyo, Japan

Updated: Mar 8

Cafe + Roaster + R&D + Culture

I've shot some pretty cool places throughout the years, including restaurants, national parks, swanky events, and rock & roll shows. However, it's not every day that I get to roam freely in one of the largest coffee shops/roasters in all of Tokyo. This is Kanno Coffee Factory and Lab. I hope to shoot some of their events, roasting, and more.

Today, I used my Panasonic G85, shot RAW file format, used my 15mm 1.7 lens, and tried to take advantage of a shallow depth of field as much as possible. To edit these, I used Adobe Camera Raw. It's a lot like Lightroom, but not quite as robust. It's the Lightroom *light* as I like to call it. Access Adobe Camera Raw through Adobe Bridge. I decided to edit one photo and save the settings. I used that "preset" and then adjusted the exposure, highlights, and brought down the vibrance on some of the other photos. The basic setting is there, so I just needed to make small tweaks. That's about it. There are two screencaptures at the the bottom. Check those out. ENJOY!