Dark forest. f3.5 lens - It'll work.

I recently took a vacation to the States to see family and soak up some nature. When I'm out & about, I like to take as little with me as possible. Often times, I'll only take one lens, and that lens is the Lumix 14–140 f3.5. I love this combo with my camera a lot. This lens does what I want it to, but sometimes in low light, it doesn't deliver what I need. What this means is, many photos will be underexposed. Fine. Underexpose the shots. Edit in post. I use Camera Raw to bring up the exposure just a tad. And for this shot, just a bit. +0.50 — that's not a lot, but enough to make a difference. f3.5 - 1/80 - ISO400 — I could have used a tripod so I could use a much slower shutter speed (the water would look super blurry and creamy) but alas, no tripod.