Custom "Photo Settings" out the window

Here in Tokyo, I recently went on a photowalk with a fellow Instagrammer who is from Toronto. He wanted to see "quiet neighborhood streets", so we ventured over to Yutenji and walked to Gakugeidaigaku.

He and I discussed his photo settings and we both described what we use. Me? I have a "custom" setting that brings down the Saturation, takes down the contrast a bit, takes the Sharpness all the way to -5. I edit my photos later, using Camera Raw. Alas, my last two interviews have been with photographers who like the camera to capture color as accurately "in camera" as opposed to edits in post. Anyway, BACK to the photowalk. The settings he used were "Vivid" and his white space was set to "Incandescent".

LEFT: My usual custom settings

MIDDLE: I use Auto white balance most often

RIGHT: My guest used Incandescent white balance settings

Well, I was intrigued, so I ventured out with the same settings and here are a few pics from last night. The Incandescent setting adds the blue hue (and a few other bits.) Enjoy.