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Content is King, Queen, and everything in between.

Ever since I was a kid, I heard the saying, "Content is King" and that's totally on point. A few extra moments to take notice of what's going on around you will make your photos so much better. Let's chat about that!

Divide It.

I've spoken about The Rule of Thirds often, but the world "rule" is so subjective. It's not a requirement for anything. But knowing when to use thirds in your viewfinder can be an asset. This shot shows how everything comes together. When it comes to overall content, this one hits the mark by dividing this photo from the sides and the top & bottom.

1. The lines in the reflections draw your eye to the center of the photo.

2. The power of lights and darks help determine the focal point.

3. The building in the center background has lines leading down, to that pedestrian. 🎯

Frame it.

Use your environment to frame the shot. The stairway on the left which angles up, the girder/post on the right, and the yellow angle on the bottom left wraps everything up just nicely.

I've walked by that phone booth a few times, but never with the yellow trucks next to it. What a great time to grab that photo! The phone booth is surrounded by yellow, and housed in a fun frame of angles.

Line up!

Let's talk about those lines again. The pole down the center, the light pointing towards the police, and the white lines all help draw one's eye towards the only thing that matters, the cops. They like their whistles. 😃

1. Use lines to draw attention to the focal point.

2. Keep it simple. Allow for few distractions.

3. Contrast in the right areas.

When it comes to content, don't just fill your frame with anything and everything, take a couple extra seconds to craft something a bit more compelling. You'll be happy you did.

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